Sponsorship rules of Nautique Rentals

Sponsorship is for Nautique Rentals always a cooperation where two parties are offering services to each other. We take care of the facilities and / or the financial resources and you or your organisation return the favor by letting everyone see that Nautique Rentals is behind you.
The more original the way is you return this support, the bigger is the chance that we want to work with you. Aside from that, we have several main points where we focus ourselves on, like watersport related events and local projects.

When is your project eligible for sponsorship?
Your sponsoring project complies with the following terms:Uw sponsorproject voldoet aan de volgende voorwaarden:

  • the project is in the vicinity to one of the Nautique Rentals Parks.
  • Nautique Rentals is the only rental broker that sponsors the project
  • the project offers the possibility to network
  • you can offer an original and creative return performance
  • the organisation is positively known in the local area staat
  • The project is directly sponsored, not indirectly by a mediator and / or an organisation


What is not eligible?
Several requests are by definition not eligible for a sponsorship. Those are requests like the following:

  • with a solely political or religious goal
  • is disadvantageous for the environment
  • for individuals
  • for dangerous sports (like fighting sports, motorsports) - for private parties, bingo games, fancy fairs and the likes



Do you want to request sponsorship? Then download the request-form and send it to us at least three months before the project starts. Maybe we will then soon be working together.

+31 (0)187 640640