Distinguished partners

Nautique Rentals works together with a number of distinguished partners. The selection of partners is based on mutual understanding, quality, power and authenticy. It is important to us that these partners complement each other. We use our knowledge and qualities and develop a high-quality touristical product this way with a high customer satisfaction.


The Union of recreational entrepreneurs Netherlands, strives for an optimal business climate in the tourism sector and represents the collective and individual intrests of it's members.

Europeesche Verzekeringen

Nautique Rentals works togehter with Europeesche Verzekeringen, specialist in travel insurances. Europeesche Verzekeringen offers a wide range of services, finely tuned to all kinds of holidays and activities. During the booking of accomodations or boats at Nautique Rentals you can choose to insure the risk for an unexpected cancellation and incidents during your stay.

Zeilvloot Zierikzee
Nautique Rentals also works together with Zeilvloot Zierikzee, a booking agency for sailing ships in the Southwest-Netherlands. Zeilvloot Zierikzee works with independent skippers, a conscious choice which is meritious for all involved parties. The short lines between customer, zeilvloot and skipper form the personal approach with which Zeilvloot Zierikzee is working. For the park Waterryck Suijssenwaerde the Clipper "Mathilda" is offered for daily excursions.


All financial affairs of Nautique Rentals are processed by the Rabobank. In cooperation with the Rabobank,  Nautique Rentals can handle automatic transfers, will we be offering the iDeal payment service shortly and are we able to receive and process payments quickly and accurately.


Nautique Rentals keeps a good contact with OPP BV, 100% daughter of the N.V. Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (BNG). The BNG is the bank of and for governmental and common interest institutions. With specialized financial services BNG contributes to cost effective services for the people. BNG offers tailor-cut financial services, like credits & loans, payment services, consulting and electronic banking.


Allevakantiesonline offers a complete overview of travels, holidays and travel-related issues. All products and services offered on Allevakantiesonline can be conveniently booked directly online. isn't a tour operator or travel organization, but an indipendent and self-reliant (internet)company with the target to bring together the providers and the travellers.

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