Mission statement

The mission statement of Nautique Rentals is:
Nautique Rentals is a growing organisation where the focus is at the high quality of the offered accomodations and the strictly nautical environment. This translates to the following goals:

  • offering a high-quality touristical product with a high level of guest satisfaction
  • striving towards a good return on investment for the owners
  • making optimal use of means of communication by automation, internet en the careful tuning of releases to certain target audiences
  • to accompagny the owners in bringing the accomodations and boats to great quality and to maintain it
Water and tranquility is what you will experience with Nautique Rentals. All accommodations will comply with the philosophy that tenants experience water directly by offering the opportunity to discover the surrounding areas by boat. In the entreprenurial strategy of  Nautique Rentals diversity is the essence: offering a 'standard' equipped flat (in a nautiqual theme) without boat (but with a berth) up to the very complete and luxurious flat with a larger boat.

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