overview of frequently asked questions

Parks and accomodations

What are the arrival and departure times for your accomodation?

You can enter your rented accomodation after 15:00 hours (in connection with cleaning). Should you arrive earlier, then you can of course already make use of the park amenities. You will have to leave the accomodation on the day of departure before 10:30 hours.


Will there be a deposit necessary upon arrival?

Yes, on several parks a deposit will be requested upon your arrival. You will be informed by the park about this beforehand in most cases. This can also be found in the Terms and Conditions.


Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed on all parks. For pets there will be a charge of € 2,00 per night. Please tell us at your reservation that you plan to bring your pet. Please keep in mind that not all accomodations will be available for pets. You are asked to walk your pets outside the parks. In the parks the pet is to be kept on a leash.


Where can I find maps of the park? 

The maps of the parks can be found on the welcome pages of the parks.


Where can I find the route description to the parks? Waar kan ik de routebeschrijving naar de parken vinden?

The directions to your park will be sent to you automatically when you made a reservation. On contact you will find the adress information for all parks to use with your satnav system. 


What are the times of a weekend-, midweek- or week stay?

 A weekend begins friday 15.00 hours and ends monday 10.30 hours (3 nights).

 A midweek begins monday 15.00 hours and ends friday 10.30 hours (4 nights).

 A week goes from friday 15.00 hours until friday 10.30 hours or monday 15.00 hours until monday 10.30 hours (7 nights).

On a large number of parks it is also possible to reserve for other periods of stay. With school- and bank holidays for an exception. You can request a differing period of stay using the telephone with the Rental manager of each park, click here for the contact information.


Can I also pay using (credit)cards on the parks? Kan ik ook met (credit)cards betalen op de parken?

At the receptions you can pay with your Maestro card. We will also accept  American Express, VISA and Mastercard. At parks where the activities of Nautique Rentals are just starting up, there is a possibility that electronic payment options are not (yet) working, in this case we will inform you of this with the order confirmation.


Can I book (extra) children furniture during my reservation?

You can book the following children furniture:

* kid's bed € 5,00 (bed linen optional)

* kid stool € 5,00

* kid box € 5,00

During your online reservation process you can tell us what furniture you want to book additionally.


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